DZ04S Dual Speed & Bi-direction Vehicle Entrance Security Gate Barrier Systems

起源の場所: 中国
ブランド名: WEJOIN
モデル番号: WJDZ801S
最小注文数量: 1 セット
価格: negotiation
パッケージの詳細: カートン
受渡し時間: 1-20 日
支払条件: T ・ T、ウェスタン ・ ユニオン
供給の能力: 10000セット/月
モーター: ダイ カストのアルミ合金は 速度: 1.5/3s、3/6s
材料: 力: 80Wの
標準的な色: 金、銀、オレンジ、black+jacinth、暗い黄色 配信: 受け取られる支払の後の 3~5 仕事日
電圧: AC220V;AC110V


DZ04S Dual Speed & Bi-direction Vehicle Entrance Security Gate Barrier Systems


Quick Detail:


  1. Name: Parking barrier gate
  2. Application: Parking system
  3. Speed:1.5/3s,3/6s
  4. Feature: Limte state signal
  5. Rated Power:80W
  6. Certificate:CE, ISO,
  7. Net Weight:50KG
  8. Voltage:AC220V, AC110V






Model Selection and Differences



Model(WJDZ) Item 801-11 801-13 801-16 801-23 801-26 801-33 801-36 801-46 801-56
Running Time 1.5s 3s 6s 3s 6s 3s 6s 6s 6s
Boom Type Straight 90°folding 180°folding 2fencing 3fencing
Max Boom Length 3m 4.5m 6m 3m 5m 3m 5m 4.5m 4m
Boom dimension(W*H) 45*80mm 45*100mm
Boom weight 3kg 4.5kg 6kg 6.5kg 8kg 9kg 11kg 7kg 7kg
Voltage 220V/110V
Motor voltage 220v
Frenquency 50/60HZ
Protection Grade IP44
Working Temperature -35℃~+60℃
Power 80w



Functions & Features:


1. Open the barrier gate by motor wheel when power off and automatic locking when power on

2. Balanced boom running with a motor transmission of cranks and shafts

3. Boom with protective rubber band

4. Interface for traffic light

5. Infrared photocells interface is available

6. Loop detector interface is available

7. Well-integrated with car parking system equipments, with wire control (push button)

8. Offering dry contact signal for car parking system (COM, NC, NO)

9. Auto-reverse when the boom meets obstruction

10. Auto-delay when closing (adjustable)

11. Remote control frequency: 315 MHz, 418MHz, 433MHz

12. Remote control to operate the barrier gate

13. Wheel manual release. In case of power off,rotate the wheel manual release on the bottom of the motor to raise the boom manually,when power on,the motor will work normally.



Dual Speed & Bi-direction Barrier Gate Series:


One barrier can make

1.5/3s or 3/6s compose freely

Open/close speed is adjustable

Digital limit, Two directions on one motor is possible

TCP/IP online is optional





Model WJDZ801P
Working Temperature -35℃~+85℃
Voltage 220V±10%, 110V±10%, 50/60HZ
Rated power 80W
Relative humidity ≤90%
Remote control distance ≥30m
Net weight 50kgs
Speed 2s to 5s adjustable
Max boom length 6 meters



Why to choose WEJOIN 110/220v Barrier Gate ?



1. The barrier core is special and main parts are aluminum alloy casting. The barrier gate will automatically reverse when the boom meets the obstruction. The barrier works well with infrared photocells, loop detectors, the boom will automatically rise up when it meets pedestrian and vehicles

2. WEJOIN has sub-companies to produce and process almost accessories. Besides standard producing, we offer OEM service in the meanwhile.

3. Barrier Gate adopts the latest mold casting design, without clutch device. Its machine core adopts connecting rod structure mainly comprised with worm wheel, worm and crank arm. The barrier gate runs stably, and is conveniently maintained.

4. Barrier Gate uses the third generation motor. It is stable and has long service life performance, running one million times. Its housing is made of galvanized steel with 1.5mm thickness, and painted, so that the barrier can be used in door and outdoor.



Communication with customers



Q: There is no reaction on the motor when pressing the remote controller buttons,why?

A:(1)Please check whether the power is supplied to the barrier gate orr not

   (2)Please check whether the fuse id burnt out or not

   (3)Please check whether the code both in the remote controller and the control board are accordant or not


Q: What's WEJOIN monthly production capacity for barrier gate?

A: 3000 units.


Q: Sometimes, Why the barrier boom would open automatically?

A: Please check if the limit switch is on the right position; if not, please adjust the Limit Switch. Please refer to last page of Barrier Gate Manual. Or you can adjust the adjusting screw. And the last step is to check the intensity of the spring.


Q: What’s the remote control distance?

A: In general, most of WEJOIN 418 remote control can cover 100 meters, but it is not safe and stable to control the barrier gate from 100 meters away. WEJOIN recommends using the remote control within 30 meters or 50 meters.


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DZ04S Dual Speed & Bi-direction Vehicle Entrance Security Gate Barrier Systems



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